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6/1/2009 - Version 1.5 of IPT, the Image Processing Toolbox for O-Matrix is now available. This release includes numerous new functions and several enhancements. See the IPT product page for an overview of the Image Processing capabilities and performance, and the IPT Release Notes for a summary of what is new and updated.

4/17/2009 - Harmonic Software Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now a distributor of Jacket - The GPU Acceleration Engine for Matlab Our distribution agreement with AccelerEyes has enabled use to provide discount pricing for this exciting new product.

4/3/2009 - O-Matrix Version 6.5 is now available. Some of the new features and enhancements in this release:

5/30/2008 - Version 2.0 of SPT, The Signal Processing Toolbox for O-Matrix is now available.

5/5/2008 - The O-Matrix Development Kit version 4.0 and O-Matrix 6.4 virtual machine are now available. See the O-Matrix Development Kit product page for details.

3/31/2008 - O-Matrix Version 6.4 is now available. This release includes extensive IO functionality and performance enhancements, new string handling functions including regular expressions, FFT and linear algebra performance enhancements.

2/29/2008 - In the updated Comparison of Mathematical Programs for Data Analysis O-Matrix was rated as the fastest environment for data analysis among the programs Matlab, GAUSS, Mathematica, Maple, OxMetrics, and SciLab.

11/7/2007 - IPT, The Image Processing Toolbox for O-Matrix now available. This new toolbox provides a comprehensive set of functions for image manipulation, analysis, and visualization with performance that far exceeds other image processing solutions.

11/7/2007 - O-Matrix Version 6.3 is now available. This release has made many performance enhancements that benefit multi-core machines, now includes the Data Visualizer in the base distribution, has added numerous Special Functions, and made enhancements to support the newly released, Image Processing Toolbox

12/26/2006 - O-Matrix Version 6.1 is now available. This release has made many ease-of-use enhancements, added numerous application-oriented examples and made significant performance enhancements for newer multi-core machines such as the Intel HT and Intel Duo Core CPU.

11/27/2006 - The version 2.1 release of STSA, The Statistical Time Series Analysis Toolbox for O-Matrix has expanded existing analysis capabilities and added many new functions for nonparametric, nonlinear time series analysis, Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) on univariate time series, and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD).

10/16/2006 - KBF, The Kalman Filter Design Studio for O-Matrix is now free. All current O-Matrix license holders may obtain and use the distribution without charge. See the Kalman Filter Design Studio product page to see what's new and obtain the distribution.

5/2/2006 - O-Matrix Version 6 is now available. This release has expanded O-Matrix' statistics capabilities and made significant performance enhancements throughout the O-Matrix language and function library. O-Matrix Version 6 provides the most extensive performance gains of any O-Matrix release to date. Existing O-Matrix customers may obtain this release at a significant discount by ordering online.

2/13/2006 - Version 2 of The O-Matrix Development Kit is now available. This release has made numerous enhancements to the O-Matrix Virtual Machine, Improved the performance and robustness of the O-Matrix COM server, and added numerous examples. See the The O-Matrix Development Kit home page for more details.

4/19/2005 - The new SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix is now available. This toolbox integrates the numerical and computational power of O-Matrix with SigmaPlot, the most widely used technical graphing program in the Windows environment. The SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox enables you to create SigmaPlot graphs of O-Matrix data, transfer data between SigmaPlot and O-Matrix in both directions, run SigmaPlot macros, and automate SigmaPlot with the O-Matrix analysis language.

12/1/2004 - O-Matrix version 5.7 is now available. This release has extended the O-Matrix language to enable COM Automation scripting. You can now use O-Matrix as a scripting language for Office applications such as Excel, Word and Access; Graphics applications such as SigmaPlot, Surfer, and Origin; Data Acquisition tools such as LabView; And, proprietary applications.

7/14/2004 - The new Data Visualizer for O-Matrix provides an interactive plot generation and manipulation GUI for O-Matrix. The Data Visualizer provides high-performance, OpenGL-based 2-D and 3-D plotting capabilities and interactive tools for manipulating plots and creating stand-alone dynamic HTML visualization solutions.

5/24/2004 - Harmonic Software has released STSA, the Statistical Time Series Analysis toolbox for O-Matrix. The STSA Toolbox is an extensive collection of O-Matrix functions for performing time series related analysis and visualization. The toolbox provides extensive capabilities for ARMA and ARFIMA, Bayesian, non-linear and spectral analysis related models.

3/29/2004 - Harmonic Software has released the Control System Explorer, a stand-alone GUI-based environment for analyzing, investigating, and designing control systems.

9/26/2003 - Harmonic Software has released the Data Access Toolbox for O-Matrix. The Data Access Toolbox provides an efficient and easy method for loading data from SQL and ODBC sources into O-Matrix.

9/18/2003 - Harmonic has created the OMatrix group on Yahoo groups. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/omatrix/ to find out more and join.

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