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Gaussian Data Window
Syntax y = gaussian(a,N)
Syntax y = gaussian(a,N,M)
Include: include spt\gaussian.oms
See Also Other Window Functions

      a = SCALAR, any numerical type. Coerced to double
          precision before processing. 0 < a <= 20.0.
      N = SCALAR, any numerical type, >=2. Represents the row
          dimension of the requested window. Coerced to INTEGER
          before local processing.
      M = SCALAR, any numerical type, >=1. Represents the column
          dimension of the matrix returned. Coerced to INTEGER
          before local processing.
   RETURN: MATRIX, DOUBLE, N-point Gaussian window in each column.


Create a N-by-M Gaussian data window matrix.

This function returns a MATRIX where each column is a Gaussian windowing function of row dimension N. Argument M, which is optional, is used to specify the column dimension for a matrix return. M omitted or M=1 returns a column vector. M<1 returns novalue. N value must be 2 or greater or novalue is returned. N and M may be any numerical type and are coerced to INTEGER before local processing. The return type is DOUBLE.

The input parameter 'a' adjusts the with of the main lobe in the Fourier transform of the window. 'a' must be greater than 0(zero). Typical values for 'a' are: 0 < a <= 20.0. 'a' may be any numerical type and is coerced to DOUBLE before local processing. A higher value produces a narrower lobe in the time domain and a wider lobe in the frequency domain.

Make and plot a GAUSSIAN window function.

N      = 125;                 # Window length
header = sprintf(": N = %d",N);
header = [name,header];
a      = 20d0;
h      = gaussian(a,N);
t      = seq(N)-1d0;