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Blackman Window Function
Syntax y = blackman(N)
Syntax y = blackman(N,M)
Include: include spt\blackman.oms
See Also Other Window Functions

      N = SCALAR, any numerical type, >=2. Represents the row
          dimension of the requested window. Coerced to INTEGER
          before local processing.
      M = SCALAR, any numerical type, >=1. Represents the column
          dimension of the matrix returned. Coerced to INTEGER
          before local processing.
   RETURN: MATRIX, DOUBLE, N-point Blackman window in each column.


Create a N-by-M Blackman data window matrix. This function returns a MATRIX where each column is a Blackman windowing function of row dimension N. Argument M, which is optional, is used to specify the column dimension for a matrix return. M omitted or M=1 returns a column vector. M<1 returns novalue. N value must be 2 or greater or novalue is returned. N and M may be any numerical type and are coerced to INTEGER before local processing. The return type is DOUBLE.

Make and plot a BLACKMAN window function.

N      = 128;                 # Window length
header = sprintf(": N = %d",N);
header = [name,header];
h      = blackman(N);
t      = seq(N)-1d0;