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Drawing Ternary Plots
Syntax sternary(xyzTriplet)
See Also spopen

Creates a ternary plot of XYZ triplet data. The argument xyzTriplet must be a numeric-valued, 3-column matrix. The value xyzTriplet.col(1) is the X data for the plot, the value xyzTriplet.col(2) is the Y data, and the value xyzTriplet.col(3) is the Z data.

If SigmaPlot is not running and you enter the following at the O-Matrix prompt
     dataFile = [OM_INSTALL,"\example\automation\ternaryData.csv"]
     Nr = nrows(dataFile)
     tData = read(dataFile, "real", Nr, 3)
SigmaPlot will create a ternary plot that looks like