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Surface Plots
Syntax ssurface(z)
See Also spopen , scontour

Displays a surface plot of z, where z is an integer, real, or double-precision matrix with at least two rows and two columns. If present, the argument filled must be a logical scalar which specifies if lines should be drawn for the surface. The argument fillStyle must be a character row vector which specifies the type of fill to use. The valid values for fillStyle are: "none", "discrete", and "gradient". The default value for lines is true and the default value for fillStyle is gradient.

If at the O-Matrix prompt you enter
     x = -5. : 1. : 5.
     y = x'
     z = x * y / 10
SigmaPlot will create the following surface plot

If you continue the above example by entering the following at the O-Matrix prompt
     ssurface(z, true, "none")
SigmaPlot will create a surface plot of z using lines and no color fill and your notebook will now look like

If you enter the following at the O-Matrix prompt
     ssurface(z, false, "discrete")
O-Matrix will close the current instance of SigmaPlot, restart SigmaPlot and create a new notebook with a surface plot that looks like: