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Setting the Current Section for Plot Generation
Syntax spsection()
See Also spgraphpage , spitem

If present, the character row vector, sectionName specifies the name of the SigmaPlot notebook section to be used for subsequent plots. If the value of sectionName is equal to "" subsequent plotting actions will create a new section using a name selected by SigmaPlot. The spsection command always returns a character row vector that specifies the name of the currently specified section.

If SigmaPlot is not running and you enter the following at the O-Matrix prompt
     spsection("Sine Plot")
     spgraphpage("Sine Plot Graph")
     splot( x, sin(x) )
     spsection("Cosine Plot")
     spgraphpage("Cosine Plot Graph")
     splot( x, cos(x) )
SigmaPlot will create a new notebook that contains two new sections, Sine Plot and Cosine plot.