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Opening and Creating SigmaPlot Notebooks
Syntax spopen()
spopen(notebook name)
See Also spitem

If present, the character row vector, notebook name specifies the name of a SigmaPlot notebook to open. If SigmaPlot is already running, notebook name is added to the list of currently open notebooks.

If the notebook name argument is not present, SigmaPlot must not be currently be running. A new SigmaPlot instance is created and a new, empty notebook is created.


Creating a Notebook
If SigmaPlot is not running, and you enter the following at the O-Matrix prompt
SigmaPlot will start and display an empty, new notebook that looks like

Opening an Existing Notebook
If your current working directory in O-Matrix contains the SigmaPlot notebook file "openTest.jnb" and at the O-Matrix prompt you enter
SigmaPlot will open the notebook.