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Creating Polar Plots
Syntax spolar(ThetaR)
See Also splot , spopen

Draw a polar coordinate plot of radius versus angle. The integer, real, or double-precision matrix R specifies the radius value for each point. The integer, real, or double-precision matrix Theta specifies the angle in degrees for each point and has the same dimensions as R. The j-th column of R and Theta is plotted as a separate curve.

If present, the argument lineStyle must be a character row vector and equal to "Lines", "Scatter", or "Scatter & Lines".

If at the O-Matrix prompt you enter,
   r = 1. : 1. : 100.
   Theta = 360 * [r, -r] / 100
   R = [r, r]
   spolar(Theta, R)
SigmaPlot will create the following polar plot.
If you continue the example above by entering
   spolar(Theta, R, "Scatter & Lines")
SigmaPlot will create another plot of Theta, and R that is drawn with scatter symbols and lines.