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Setting the Current Item
Syntax spitem()
See Also spopen , spsection , spgraphpage , scontour

Select and open the specified SigmaPlot Notebook item. If present, the argument itemID must be a character row vector or integer scalar for a Folder, Worksheet, or graph page in the current notebook. The spitem function always returns an integer scalar which is the number of items in the current notebook.

If SigmaPlot is not running and you enter the following
for i = 1 to 5 begin
     spgraphpage(["Contour", ntoa(i)])
     x = rand(20,20) * i
SigmaPlot will create a new notebook with five contour plots and the last contour, Contour5 selected.

If you continue the example above by entering
SigmaPlot will make the Contour2 graphic page the current item and your interface will look like