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Defining and Setting Graph Pages
Syntax spgraphpage()
See Also spsection , spitem , splot , scontour

Set the SigmaPlot graphic page to be used for subsequent plotting If set to "", new graphic pages will be created for subsequent plots

If SigmaPlot is not running and you enter the following at the O-Matrix prompt
     x = 0.:.1:2*pi
     y = [sin(x), cos(x)]
     splot(x, y)
SigmaPlot will create a new line plot in the current section with the name sinXcosX.

If you continue this example by entering
O-Matrix will respond
If you want the SigmaPlot to automatically define names for graphs as you create plots, set the graph page name to the empty string "". If you continue the example above by entering
     splot(x, 2*y)
SigmaPlot will create a new folder with a new graph and worksheet with names selected by the system.