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Changing Worksheet Column Names
Syntax spcolumns(columnNames)
See Also scontour , ssurface , splot , spgraphpage , spitem

Changes the names of columns displayed in SigmaPlot worksheets. The argument columnNames must be a character matrix where columnNames.row(i) specifies the name to use for column(i) in the current SigmaPlot worksheet. SigmaPlot uses worksheet column names for defining legends.

If, at the O-Matrix prompt you enter,
   x = 0.0 : 0.1 : 2*pi
   y = [sin(x), cos(x), 2*sin(x), 2*cos(x)]
   splot(x, y)
SigmaPlot will create a new line plot using the worksheet column numbers for legend names.

If you continue the example above, by entering
   wksTitles = {"x", "sin(x)", "cos(x)", "2*sin(x)","2*cos(x)"}
SigmaPlot will change the column titles of worksheet columns 1 through 5 to the 5 strings specified in wksTitles and the worksheet and plot will now appear as: