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SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix    

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    Turn your SigmaPlot graphing tool into a complete
    visual data analysis environment with functionality and performance
    that far exceeds Matlab, IDL, and PV-Wave and with
    ease of use that surpasses Excel or Originlab

The The SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix integrates the high-performance technical computing and data analysis capabilities of O-Matrix with the easy to use and interactive publication quality plotting capabilities of SigmaPlot. This toolbox enables you to create SigmaPlot graphs of O-Matrix data from within the O-Matrix environment.

Numerous commands are provided for creating SigmaPlot graphs from within O-Matrix and for transferring data to and from SigmaPlot. In addition to the plot customization capabilities provided by the toolbox functions, the SigmaPlot dialog-based environment can be used for further customizing graphs.

    The integration of O-Matrix with SigmaPlot provides
    a visual data analysis and technical computing
    environment with performance, graphics quality,
    and ease-of-use that far exceeds Matlab, IDL, PV-Wave and other
    typical integrate math software environments.

The SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix provides extensive benefits for O-Matrix and SigmaPlot users:

  • Expands the capabilities of SigmaPlot from an interactive plotting tool to a technical computing and data analysis environment.
  • Enables the generation of publication quality plots from O-Matrix
  • Couples the strengths of language-based visualization from within O-Matrix with the interactive plotting ease of SigmaPlot
  • Significantly expands the scope of plot types that can be generated within O-Matrix
  • Enables the animation of SigmaPlot graphs
  • Creates files that can be played in a web browser or media player
  • Deliver SigmaPlot-based applications using SigmaPlot as a convenient and well-known user interface and O-Matrix as a computational engine

The SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox distribution includes extensive documentation with an overview, complete reference for all toolbox functions, with sample applications and extensive examples of how to use each function. The toolbox is implemented as a set of O-Matrix scripts that use OLE/COM to communicate data and commands between SigmaPlot and O-Matrix.

System Requirements

  • SigmaPlot version 9.01 or greater
  • O-Matrix version 6.3 or greater

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