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O-Matrix is a high-level language and integrated environment for analyzing data, modeling, creating simulations, visualizing and plotting results, and building turnkey scientific and engineering computing solutions. The O-Matrix matrix language includes a broad range of mathematical, statistical, engineering, plotting, and user-interface building functions for solving a broad range of engineering, scientific, and technical computing problems.

The foundation of O-Matrix is a high-performance matrix language. O-Matrix enables you to implement and solve technical analysis and simulation problems faster than with traditional programming languages such as C++ and FORTRAN, and provides performance that far exceeds other integrated math and engineering software tools.

    "A Useful tool for anyone who needs to perform data analysis"
    - IEEE Computer

The O-Matrix environment is interpreted so your commands are executed as you enter them. Textual output is displayed in the Command window, and plots and graphs are displayed in one or more Graphic windows. The integrated development environment provides tools for running single-line commands, code editing, debugging, and profiling and analyzing complex algorithms.

The O-Matrix language enables you to develop algorithms and run solutions faster than traditional or compiled languages. Many typical low-level programming tasks such as managing memory, declaring variables, and specifying types is handled by the O-Matrix language. The syntax of O-Matrix programs is more similar to mathematics than typical programming languages so algorithms are easier to express and typical lanugage constructs such as 'for loops' and complicated branching constructs are largely avoided.
The OMatrix User Interface

  "Congratulations on such a fine product at such a reasonable price"
  - Charles Sadler, M.E.E., M.D.

Sample Data Visualizer Surface

O-Matrix excels in a wide range of applications, including image and signal processing, time series analysis, financial modeling, and computational earth sciences. Customer datasets routinely involve gigabyte data files, and users report that their processing times are a fraction of the time required with other data analysis tools.

O-Matrix is used in diverse industries, especially those that require the highest levels of execution performance available. The organizations using O-Matrix most frequently include: Earth and ocean sciences, aerospace and defense, financial services, utilities, and energy.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Pentium 4 or greater processor
  • 150MB free disk space
  • 256MB or more memory

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