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The O-Matrix Development Kit

The O-Matrix Development Kit provides an easy to use, efficient, and free method to distribute O-Matrix applications. Applications built with The O-Matrix Development Kit can range from simple scripts to turnkey systems and products.

The O-Matrix Development Kit uses a virtual machine architecture to enable the re-distribution of applications. Applications are first designed, built, and tested in the interactive O-Matrix environment and then bundled with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine which is provided with the Development Kit. Construction of distributed applications does not require any compiler tools, libraries, or other development software. Everything that is needed to create and run applications is included, and no skills beyond using O-Matrix are required.

The O-Matrix Development Kit simplifies and accelerates the process of creating and distributing technical computing solutions for scientists and engineers. Applications can be built completely with the O-Matrix language enabling the rapid construction of sophisticated applications. Applications can also be built to couple with components or GUIs from other languages to provide more specialized solutions, using O-Matrix as a back-end calculation engine.

    I find the O-Matrix Development Kit very useful. It works perfectly.
    Harmonic Software's policy to allow free distribution of applications together
    with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine is generous and useful."

    - Claes Cassel, Associate Professor, Statistics, Sweden

Control Systems GUI
Control System application running in the O-Matrix virtual machine

    I am an engineer at a large aerospace firm and create
    numerous stand-alone analysis tools which are used by
    colleagues as part of our day to day analysis.
    The O-Matrix Development Kit and O-Matrix Virtual Machine
    provides me an inexpensive, easy to use method of distributing
    my solutions to coworkers without paying software royalties or
    requiring other engineers to purchase a software package that
    they might not own

    -Moe Clayton

O-Matrix User Stories specific to the Development Kit.

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