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Comparison of O-Matrix and Matlab Functions

O-Matrix provides similar functions with comparable functionality to Matlab but the names of functions sometimes varies, and the syntax is not always equivalent. The following table provides a list of the O-Matrix functions that have similar functionality in Matlab.

"NA" indicates that the listed O-Matrix function is not available in the Matlab base package. (It may be available in a toolbox add-on).

This list focuses primarily on common areas of math, statistics, and data analysis processing. In particular, the following functional areas are not covered. See the mlmode chapter for additional details on the O-Matrix Matlab compatibility mode, and information on migrating Matlab applications to the O-Matrix language. A comprehensive list of O-Matrix functions is available in the Reference Chapter .

Matlab Function O-Matrix Equivalent Description
abs abs Absolute Value Function
acos acos Inverse Cosine Function
acosh acosh Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine Function
all all Determining if All Elements are True
angle angle Angle Corresponding to a Complex Value
any any Determining if Any Elements are True
asin asin Inverse Sine Function
asinh asinh Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Function
atan atan Inverse Tangent Function
atan2 atan2 Inverse Tangent Function With Two Arguments
atanh atanh Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Function
axis g2scale Two Scalings For Both X and Y Axis
axis gxyzaxis Setting Axis Parameters
bar gbar Plotting A Bar Graph With Different Width Bars
beep beep Generating Sounds
besseli besseli The In Bessel Function
besselj besselj The Jn Bessel Function
besselk besselk The Kn Bessel Function
bessely bessely The Yn Bessel Function
beta beta The Beta Function
betainc betai The Incomplete Beta Function
box gdelborder Removes The Border Around The Current Viewport
cd cwd Getting And Setting The Current Working Directory
ceil ceil Smallest Integer Greater Than or Equal a Specified Value
char char Element-By-Element Conversion To Character
chol cholesky Cholesky Factoring Of A Matrix
clc clc Clearing the Command Window
clear clear Starting A New Program
clear clearfun Clearing Functions
clf ginit Initializing Graphic
clipboard copy Transferring Data To The System Clipboard
clipboard gcopy Copying A Graphic Window To The Clipboard
clipboard paste Transferring Data From The System Clipboard
clock clock Determining The Date and Time
compan compan Compute the companion matrix corresponding to polynomial
complex complex Element-By-Element Conversion To Complex
cond cond Computing The Condition Number Of A Matrix
coneplot garrow Plotting Vectors
conj conj The Complex Conjugate Function
contour contour Contour Plots
contour glevel Setting Z Values Corresponding To Color Changes In Plots
conv conv Column-wise Convolution Of Matrices Using FFT
conv polmul Polynomial Multiplication
conv2 conv2 Two Dimensional Convolution Of Matrices Using FFT
copyfile cpfile Copying Files
corrcoef colcor Correlation Coefficients Between Columns Of A Matrix
cos cos Cosine Function
cosh cosh Hyperbolic Cosine Function
cputime time Elapsed Time Since Start of Session
csvread close Closing Files
csvread file2str Converts a Text File to a Character Row Vector
csvread ncols Determining The Number Of Columns In Each Row Of A File
csvread nrows Determining The Number Of Matrix Rows In A File
csvread open Determining What Files Are Open
csvread read Reading The Next Row From A File
csvwrite write Writing a Matrix to the Screen or a File
cumprod cumprod Running Cumulative Product of Elements of a Matrix
cumsum cumsum Running Cumulative Sum of Elements of a Matrix
deblank clipstr Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces
deblank strclip Removing Trailing Spaces
dec2hex dec2hex Conversion From Decimal to Hexadecimal
deconv deconv Deconvolution or Descending Polynomial Division
delete gdeltext Removing Text From The Current Graphics Window
delete gdeltext Removing Text From The Current Graphics Window
delete gdelview Deleting A Viewport
det det The Determinant Function
diag diag The Diagonal Function
diary diary Saving Output Written in Command Window
diff diff Finite Differences of Arbitrary Order
dir listdir Listing the Names of Files in a Directory
dir listdirs Listing A Directory And All Its Subdirectories
disp print Printing A List Of Expressions
double double Conversion To Double-Precision
drawnow gupdate Updating The Current Graphic Window
eig eigen Eigenvalues and EigenVectors of a General Matrix
eig eigsym Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors Of A Symmetric Matrix
eig geneig Generalized Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a General Matrix
eig symeig Computing The Eigenvectors Of A Symmetric Matrix
ellipke elliprd Carlson's Elliptic Integrals of the Second Kind
ellipke elliprf Carlson's Elliptic Integrals of the First Kind
eof eof Detecting End of File
erf erf The Error Function
erfc erfc The Complementary Error Function
erfinv ierf The Inverse Error Function
errorbar errorbar Plotting Error Bars
etime time Elapsed Time Since Start of Session
eval eval Evaluating a Character Matrix
eval eval Evaluating a Character Matrix
eval feval Executing The Function Corresponding To A String
eval runall Running All the Files in a Directory
exist exists Checking For A File Or Directory
exit exit Terminating An O-Matrix Session
exp exp Exponential Function
expm expmat Exponential Of A Matrix
eye identity Obtaining A Copy Of The Identity Matrix
factorial factorl The Factorial Function
fft dft The Discrete Fourier Transform
fft fft The Centered Finite Fourier Transform
fft2 dft2d Two Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
fft2 fft2d Two Dimensional Fourier Transform
fftshift fftshift Circular Shift That Centers a Discrete Fourier Transform
fill fill Filling A Matrix With Copies of Another Matrix
fill fillcols Filling A Matrix With A Column Vector
fill fillrows Filling A Matrix With A Row Vector
fill seq Generating A Sequence Of Integers
filter filter Auto-Regressive And Moving Average Filtering
find find Determining Indices Corresponding to Nonzero Elements
findstr findstr Searching Strings and Matrices using Regular Expressions
fliplr fliplr Flipping the Column Order of a Matrix
flipud flipud Flipping the Row Order of a Matrix
flipud reverse Reversing Row Order Of A Matrix
floor floor Largest Integer Less Than or Equal a Specified Value
fread bread Reading Binary Files
ftell lenfile Determining The Length Of A File
fwrite bwrite Writing Binary Files
gamma gamma The Gamma Function
gammainc gammainc The Incomplete Gamma Function
gammaln gammln The Logarithm Of The Gamma Function
get getscreen Determining The Size Of The Screen In Pixels
get getvisible Determining The Current Size Of The O-Matrix Main Window
get glistview Listing Viewport Identifiers For Current Graphic Window
get glistwin Listing Graphic Window Identifiers
getenv getenv Getting an Environment Variable
ginput gcoord Using The Mouse To Specify A Graphic Window Location
grid gxygrid Including A Grid In A Plot
hankel hankel Hankel Matrix
hex2dec hex2dec Conversion From Hexadecimal to Decimal
hilb hilb Hilbert Matrix
hist ghist Plotting Histograms
hold gaddwin Creating A New Graphics Window
hypot hypot Square Root of Sum of Squares
ifft idft The Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
ifft ifft The Centered Finite Inverse Fourier Transform
ifft2 idft2d Two Dimensional Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
ifft2 ifft2d Two Dimensional Inverse Fourier Transform
imag imag The Imaginary Part Function
int2str int2str Converting to Integer Ascii Representation (Mlmode)
interp1 interp1 Piecewise Linear Interpolation In One Dimension
interp2 interp2 Two Dimensional Piecewise Bilinear Interpolation
inv inv Inverting A Square Matrix
invhilb invhilb Exact Inverse of a Hilbert Matrix
ischar ischarmatrix Determines If Value is Character Matrix
ischar ischarvector Determines If Value is Character Vector
isempty isempty Determines if a Matrix is Empty
isequal equal Checking For Matrix Equality
isequal isequal Checking For Matrix Equality
isfinite isfinite Determines Which Elements Are Finite
isinf isinf Determines Which Elements Are Infinite
islogical islogicalscalar Determines If Value is Logical Scalar
isnan isnan Determines Which Elements Are Not A Number
isnumeric isnummatrix Determines If Value is Numeric Matrix
isnumeric isnumscalar Determines If Value is Numeric-Valued Scalar
isnumeric isnumvector Determines If Value is a Numeric Vector
isreal isreal Determines If All Elements Have Zero Imaginary Part
kron kron Kronecker Tensor Product
linspace linspace Evenly Spaced Grid With a Specified Number of Points
listfonts gfontname Determining Available Font Names
load mfread Reading MAT-Files
load omread Reading an O-Matrix Native Format Binary File
log log Natural Logarithm Function
log logdet Log Of The Determinant Of A Matrix
log10 log10 Base Ten Logarithm Function
log2 log2 Base Two Logarithm Function
logical logical Conversion To Logical
logspace logspace Create a Grid With Evenly Spaced Logarithms
lower up2low Converting Upper Case to Lower Case
lsqr conjgrad Optimization Using The Conjugate Gradient Method
lu lu Computing The LU Factorization Of A Matrix
max colmax Determining The Maximum Element In Each Column
max max Determining The Maximum Element of a Matrix
max maxs Computing The Maximum Element From Multiple Matrices
max pmax Determining The Indices Of The Maximum Element
max rowmax Determining The Maximum Element In Each Row
mean colmean Computing The Mean Of Each Column
median colmedian Computing The Median of Each Column
median median Computing The Median
mesh mesh Mesh And Surface Plots
meshgrid meshgrid X and Y Grids for Contour and Mesh Plots (Mlmode)
min colrange Computing The Range of Data for Each Column
min mins Computing The Minimum Element From Multiple Matrices
mkdir mkdir Creating A Directory
mod mod Modulo Function
mode colmode Computing The Mode of Each Column
nextpow2 nextpow2 Smallest Power of Two Greater or Equal a Specified Value
nnz nnz Number of Nonzero Elements
nonzeros nonzeros Obtaining the Nonzero Elements of a Matrix
norm colnorm Computing The Norm Of Each Column
norm norm The Norm Operator
norm rownorm Computing The Euclidean Norm Of Each Row Of A Matrix
null null Orthogonal Basis for Null Space of a Matrix
num2str ntoa Converting A Number To ASCII Characters
num2str num2str Conversion of Numeric Matrix to Character Matrix
ode15s odestiff Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations
ode45 ode45rk Fifth Order Runge-Kutta Method With Fourth Order Error Control
ode45 ode4rk A Fourth Order Runge-Kutta ODE Solver
ones ones Creating A Matrix Of Ones
orth orth Orthogonal Basis for Range Space of a Matrix
path path Source Code Search Path
pause sleep Slowing or Suspending Execution
pbaspect gaspect Setting Plotting Window Aspect Ratio
pinv pinv Moore-Penrose Pseudo Inverse of a Matrix
plot gaddborder Adding A Border Around The Current Viewport
plot gcolor Line Color Sequence For The Current Viewport
plot gplot Drawing Line Plots
plot gspace Adjusting The Space Around The Plotting Region
polar polar Plotting In Polar Coordinates
poly poly Converting A Set Of Roots To A Descending Polynomial
polyder polder Computing the Derivative of a Polynomial
polyfit polyfit Least Squares Fit of a Descending Polynomial to Data
polyval polyval Evaluating A Descending Polynomial
polyvalm polyvalm Evaluating A Descending Polynomial Using Matrix Multiplication
pow2 pow2 Base Two Exponentiation Function
ppval polval Evaluating A Polynomial
primes primes Computing Prime Numbers
print gprint Printing A Graphic Window
psi psi Psi (digamma) Function
qr qr Simple Syntax for QR factorization
qr qred Alternate Syntax for Computing the QR Factorization
quad quad2d Two Dimensional Integration Using Gauss-Legendre Quadrature
rand rand Generating Uniformly Distributed Pseudo Random Numbers
rand ranseed Using Time To Seed Random Number Generation
rand seed Seeding Pseudo Random Number Generation
randn normrnd Generating Random Numbers with Normal Distribution
randn snormal Generating Normally Distributed Pseudo Random Numbers
randn unirnd Generating Random Numbers with Uniform Distribution
randperm randperm Generating a Random Permutation
rank rank Computing The Rank Of A Matrix
real real Conversion To Single-Precision
rem rem Remainder Function
reset ginitview Clearing The Current Viewport
reshape dim Changing Matrix Dimensions
reshape reshape Copying and Changing the Dimensions of a Matrix
residue polcheb Computing Chebyshev Polynomial Coefficients
residue residue Calculate the Residues for a Rational Function in Complex Plane
rmdir rmdir Removing A Directory
rmdir rmdirs Removing A Directory And All Its Subdirectories
rmfile rmfile Removing A File
roots roots Finding Roots of a Descending Polynomial
roots zero2pol Converting A Set Of Roots To A Polynomial
rot90 rot90 Rotate A Matrix By a Multiple of 90 Degrees
rotate grotate Rotating Plotting Axis
round round Rounding of to the Nearest Integer Value
round roundoff Rounding Numbers To The Nearest Integer
save omwrite Writing an O-Matrix Native Format Binary File
schur schur Schur Factorization
set gfont Setting Graphics Text Font Type Face
set gstyle Setting The Line Plotting Style
set gtickform Specifying Numeric Format For Tick Mark Labels
set gticklabel Specifying Nonnumeric Tick Mark Labels
set gtickloc Specifying Tick Mark Locations
sin sin Sine Function
sinh sinh Hyperbolic Sine Function
size coldim Determining The Column Dimension Of A Matrix
size coldim Determining The Column Dimension Of A Matrix
size rowdim Determining The Row Dimension Of A Matrix
size size Determining the Dimensions of a Matrix
sort psort Sorting The Rows Of A Matrix By Pointers
sort sort Sorting Rows Of A Matrix
spline smospl Smoothing Splines Of Arbitrary Order And Dimension
sprintf sprintf Converting Values To Ascii Using C Language Formatting
sqrt sqrt The Square Root Function
stairs gstair Plotting A Stair Graph
std colstd Computing the Standard Deviation of Each Column
str2double atod Converting ASCII Numbers To Double-Precision Column Vector
str2mat str2mat Left Justify a Sequence of Strings in a Single Matrix (Mlmode)
str2num atoi Converting ASCII Numbers To Integer
str2num str2num Converting a Character Matrix to a Numeric Matrix
strcmp filediff Print the Differences Between Ascii Files
strcmp update Comparing And Updating Source Files
strrep str2strdir Map All Occurrences of a String In a Directory
strrep strreplace Substituting Strings in Character Matrices
subplot gaddview Creating A New Viewport In The Current Graphic Window
sum colsum Computing The Sum Of Each Column
sum rowsum Computing The Sum Of Each Row
sum sum Sum of Elements of a Matrix
svd svd Singular Value Decomposition
system system Starting Another Process
tan tan Tangent Function
tanh tanh Hyperbolic Tangent Function
tempname tempfile Creating A Temporary File Name
text gaddtext Placing Text In The Current Graphic Window
text glisttext Listing Text In The Current Graphics Window
tic tic Starting and Reading an Elapsed Timer
title gtitle Defining A Title For Current Viewport
toc toc Starting and Reading an Elapsed Timer
toeplitz toeplitz Constructing Toeplitz Matrices
trace trace Computing The Trace Of A Matrix
trapz trapz Trapezoidal Approximation for Integrals
tril tril Lower Triangular Part of a Matrix
triu triu Upper Triangular Part of a Matrix
unwrap unwrap Unwrap Angles To Absolute Angles Above Two Pie
upper low2up Converting Lower Case to Upper Case
urlread urlget Reading Data from the Internet
vander vander Vandermonde Matrix
var colvar Computing the Variance of Each Column
version version O-Matrix Version Specification
wavread readwav Reading and Plotting WAV Audio Files
which which Determine What An Identifier Refers To
whos mfvars Listing the Variables in a MAT-File
whos user Listing The User Defined Functions
whos variables Listing Variables Defined in The Current Environment
xcorr corr Column-wise Correlation Of Matrices Using FFT
xlabel gxyztitle Defining A Title For An Axis In The Current Viewport
xlsinfo xlsheets Getting Excel Worksheet Names
xlsread xlread Reading Excel Data
xlswrite xlwrite Writing Excel Data
xor xor The Binary Logical Exclusive Or Operation
zeros zeros Creating A Matrix Of Zeros
NA AffineKbs The Affine Kalman Bucy Smoother and Marginal Likelihood
NA align Lining Up Data Fields In A Character Matrix
NA arcov Simulating An AR Process With A Specified Covariance
NA binornd Generating Random Numbers with Binomial Distribution
NA brent Brent's Method for Multiple Nonlinear Equations Without Derivatives
NA cauchyrnd Generating Random Numbers with Cauchy Distribution
NA cdftp cd - Changing Directories on a Remote Host
NA cendiff Central Difference Derivative Approximation
NA closeftp close - Closing the ftp Connection to a Remote Host
NA cnormal The Cumulative Normal Distribution Function
NA colcov Covariance Between Columns Of A Matrix
NA coldiff Difference Between Successive Elements In Each Column
NA colmad Computing The Mean Absolute Deviation Of Each Column
NA colmead Computing The Median Absolute Deviation of Each Column
NA colmse Computing The Mean Squared Deviation Of Each Column
NA colunmod Undo The Modulo Function
NA conjdir Optimization Without Derivatives Using Conjugate Directions
NA cubespl Compute Cubic Spline Coefficients
NA cubeval Evaluate A Cubic Spline
NA dbldft Forward Fourier Transform of a Double-Precision Vector
NA delftp delete - Deleting a File on a Remote Host
NA digfilter Theoretical and Estimated Response for a Digital Filter
NA dnlsq Nonlinear Least Squares With Derivatives
NA dnlsqb Nonlinear Least Squares With Box Constraints and Derivatives
NA dpss Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences
NA ellipe Legendre's Elliptic Integrals of the Second Kind
NA ellipf Legendre's Elliptic Integrals of the First Kind
NA ellipi Legendre's Elliptic Integrals of the Third Kind
NA elliprj Carlson's Elliptic Integrals of the Third Kind
NA execfile Including A File During Program Execution
NA execfile Including A File During Program Execution
NA execmat Delayed Execution of Commands in a Matrix
NA exppdf Exponential Probability Density Function
NA exprnd Generating Random Numbers with Exponential Distribution
NA fc2dig Converting From A Continuous To Digital Filter
NA fcplot Plotting The Response Of A Continuous Filter
NA fdplot Plotting The Response Of A Digital Filter
NA fdplot Plotting The Response Of A Digital Filter
NA fn2cbp Converting From A Normalized To Continuous Bandpass Filter
NA fn2clp Converting From A Normalized To Continuous Lowpass Filter
NA fn2dbp Converting From A Normalized To Digital Bandpass Filter
NA fn2dlp Converting From A Normalized To Digital LowPass Filter
NA fnbpole Poles Of A Normalized Butterworth Filter
NA fnbut Normalized Butterworth Filter Polynomials
NA fncheb Normalized Chebyshev Filter Polynomials
NA fncpole Poles Of A Normalized Chebyshev Filter
NA fordiff Forward Difference Derivative Approximation
NA fspec Estimating The Fourier Spectrum Of A Random Process
NA ftail Compute Tail Probabilities For An F-Statistic
NA ftail Compute Tail Probabilities For An F-Statistic
NA fullpath Creates a Full Path File Name
NA gamrnd Generating Random Numbers with Gamma Distribution
NA gaussleg Computing Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Weights
NA gaussq Fifth Order Gaussian Quadrature Numerical Integration
NA gaussq2d Two Dimensional Gaussian Quadrature Integration
NA getftp get - Retrieving a File From a Remote Host
NA gintercept Setting The Axis Intercept Point For A Viewport
NA gplotlevels Drawing Line Plots Z denoted by Color
NA gumbelrnd Generating Random Numbers with Gumbel Distribution
NA inormal Inverse Of The Cumulative Normal Distribution Function
NA int Conversion To Integer
NA int2inf Numerical Integration to Infinity
NA isdir Determining If There Is A Directory With A Specified Name
NA isfullpath Determines If Value Represents a Complete File Name
NA itrsmo Nonlinear Kalman-Bucy Filtering And Smoothing
NA ittail Inverse Of The Cumulative Distribution For T-Statistic
NA iwavelet Inverse Wavelet Transform
NA kalman Advancing A Linear Kalman-Bucy Filter One Step At a Time
NA kolsmi Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
NA kurtosis Computing The Kurtosis of Each Column
NA lagrange Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation
NA laplacernd Generating Random Numbers with Laplace Distribution
NA lemke Solving Linear Complementarity Problems
NA lentz Lentz's Method For Evaluating Continued Fractions
NA levinson Solving A Symmetric Toeplitz System Using Levinson's Algorithm
NA linlsq Singular Linear Least Squares
NA linlsqb Linear Least Squares With Box Constraints
NA lognrnd Generating Random Numbers with Log Normal Distribution
NA lombft The Unevenly Spaced Lomb-Fourier Transform
NA lsftp ls - Listing File and Directory Names On a Remote Host
NA minline Minimization Along A Direction In A Vector Space
NA monomial Evaluating A Multiple Dimension Monomial And Its Derivatives
NA mvfile Renaming A File
NA neldermead Optimization Using the Nelder Mead Simplex Method
NA nlsq Nonlinear Least Squares
NA nlsqbox Nonlinear least Squares With Box Constraints
NA normpdf Normal Probability Density Function
NA nozero Replaces Zero By a Small Value
NA odepade Solving An ODE Using The Matrix Exponential
NA openftp open - Opening an ftp Connection to a Remote Host
NA pack Packs An Entire Character Matrix Into One Row Vector
NA poissrnd Generating Random Numbers with Poisson Distribution
NA pol2asc Displaying A Polynomial
NA poladd Adding Polynomials
NA polcomp Composition Of Polynomials As Functions
NA polyreduce Remove Leading Zero Coefficients from a Descending Polynomial
NA prctile Percentiles of Each Column
NA putftp put - Transferring a File To a Remote Host
NA Qbox Quadratic Programming with Inequality and Box Constraints
NA Qpos Quadratic Programming with Inequality and Positive Constraints
NA Qpro Quadratic Programming with Equality and Inequality Constraints
NA quadint Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Integration
NA relative Extended Least Squares
NA reprow Replacing a Row of a Character Matrix
NA skewness Computing The Skewness of Each Column
NA smith Plotting a Smith Chart
NA snewton Newton's Method For Multiple Nonlinear Equations In One Variable
NA snewton Newton's Method For Multiple Nonlinear Equations In One Variable
NA sqp Nonlinear Constrained Optimization by Successive Quadratic Programming
NA testder Testing Calculation of The Derivative of a Function
NA testgrad Testing Calculation of The Gradient of a Function
NA testhess Testing Calculation of The Hessian of a Function
NA tridiag Solving A Tridiagonal System Of Linear Equations
NA ttail Tail Probability Of A T-Statistic
NA unifcdf Uniform Cumulative Distribution Function
NA unifm0v1 Simulating a Mean Zero Variance One Uniform Random Variable
NA unifpdf Uniform Probability Density Function
NA unpack Unpacks A Character Matrix From a Row Vector
NA wavelet Computing The Wavelet Transform
NA wblcdf Weibull Cumulative Density Function
NA wblpdf Weibull Probability Density Function
NA wblrnd Generating Random Numbers with Weibull Distribution
NA whichrow Matching Rows of A Character Matrix