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Graphical User Interface Programming

General Purpose Dialogs
openfile Opening A File Using The System Browser Dialog
savefile Saving A File Using The System Browser Dialog
chfile Dialog For Choosing File Names
input Obtaining A Text String Using The Input Dialog
input1 Putting A Prompt In The Input Dialog
input2 Entering Passwords In The Input Dialog
errordlg Posting a Dialog With an Error Message
status Displaying Program Status in a Dialog
easydlg An Easy to Use General Purpose Dialog Routine

Special Purpose Dialogs
See Interactive GUI Tools.

GUI Primitives
adddialog Creating A New Dialog Window
controls Creating and Using Controls In a Dialog Window
delwin Deleting A Window
addmenu Adding Items To The Tools Menu
addeditor Creating A New Editor Window
geteditor Getting The Contents Of An Editor Window
addtable Creating A New Table Window
gettable Getting The Values In a Table
getcells Determining Which Cells Are Selected In A Table
setcells Changing The Value In Cells Of A Table
guisize Graphical User Interface Size Parameters
getvisible Determining The Current Size Of The O-Matrix Main Window
getscreen Determining The Size Of The Screen In Pixels
windowgeometry Getting and Setting a Window's Geometry
iconify Iconifying A Window
hide Hiding A Window Or Disabling A Control
show Normalizing A Window Or Enabling A Control
caption Setting the O-Matrix Application Caption
isicon Determining If A Window Is Iconified