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Data Visualizer for O-Matrix

Data Visualizer Screenshots

The Data Visualizer is an add-on for O-Matrix that provides an interactive plot generation and manipulation GUI for O-Matrix. The Data Visualizer enables the O-Matrix user to create plots directly from O-Matrix scripts, interactively create and edit and manipulate plots and plot data, and create dynamic HTML-based solutions.

The Data Visualizer uses the Array Viewer from Intel for displaying and manipulating plots. Once data or plots are transferred to the Array Viewer you can use the extensive interactive capabilities of the Array Viewer to customize plots or manually edit data. The viewer uses OpenGL and sub-sampling techniques to enable the rendering and manipulation of extremely large data sets. The Data Visualizer both expands and enhances the plotting capabilities available in O-Matrix. It can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the plotting in O-Matrix. Supported plot types include: XY Plot, image plot, contour plot, 2D vector plot, height (surface) plot, XYZ plot, quad mesh plot and poly list plot.

The Data Visualizer provides many ease-of-use and enhanced graphic generation capabilities to the O-Matrix user:

  • Interactively create plots of O-Matrix data from O-Matrix programs
  • Create two- and three- dimensional plots that can be interactively rotated, scaled, and zoomed.
  • Display and edit data in a scrollable spreadsheet that can display arbitrarily large data sets
  • Inquire about specific plot values using the mouse
  • Save data and graphs together in a single compact solution file
  • Read, create, and save data in HDF or XML formats
  • Display data, plots, and plot attributes in a hierarchical tree
  • Use HTML and HTML scripting languages such as JavaScript and VBScript to create dynamic applications for interacting with O-Matrix data and solutions

With the release of O-Matrix version 6.3 The Array Viewer and Data Visualizer are now bundled with the base O-Matrix distribution.

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