Input Windows
Once a study file is loaded, the windows listed below are always present. They are used to input information to KBF.
Window Description
Command initiates execution of each of the KBF commands
Notes comments about the current study
Measurement an O-Matrix implementation of the Measurement model
Transition an O-Matrix implementation of the Transition model
Simulation O-Matrix code that simulates State vector values
Data data values used by KBF
Output Windows
Plot windows and Table windows are used to display the input data and results of a Fit command . These windows come in pairs and their contents are specified using the Plot command .

Window State
The state of a window is it current geometry and an iconified flag. The current window states are stored in KBF study file when you execute the Save command .

The Command Window
The Notes Window
The Plot Window
The Table Window
The Data Window
The Transition Window
The Measurement Window
The Simulation Window