The Table command is used to write the contents of all the currently displayed Table windows to a text file. It has the side effect of allowing you to change the format that is used to display future Table windows. If you select the Table button in the Command window the following dialog will appear:

Format File Type Length Precision
The Type, Length and Precision fields define the format that is used for writing the table to file specified by the File field. If a value cannot be displayed within the requested format, it is displayed as stars. For example, if the format type is 'f' and the Length is 6 and the precision is 3, the value 1000 would be displayed as ****** because there is only room for two digits to the right of the decimal.

This field specifies the name of the file that the table is written to. If you select this button, a dialog will open in which you can choose the value for this field.

This field specifies the type of format used to print the values and to display them in future tables.
Type Meaning
g automatically choose between scientific and fixed notation
f fixed point notation
e scientific notation
This field specifies the number of character used for each value. The restriction on this field depend on the format type as follows:
Type Length Restriction
g Length > Precision
f Length > Precision
e Length > Precision + 5
The meaning of this field depends on the format type as follows:
Type Precision Meaning
g number of digits of precision
f number of digits to right of decimal
e number of digits to right of decimal in mantissa
If you have not yet changed the format for displaying tables and you load the EXAMPLE.KBF , the Z1 Table window will appear as follows:

while the State Table window will only contain the bad value flag If you
1. select the Table command
2. select the File button and choose temp as your file
2. set Type to 'f', Length to 8, and Precision to 2
3. select Ok
The file TEMP.TBL in the Data Directory will contain the following text:

----------- State -----------
      k1       s2       x2
    1.00 ******** ********
    2.00 ******** ********
    3.00 ******** ********
    4.00 ******** ********
    5.00 ******** ********
    6.00 ******** ********
    7.00 ******** ********
    8.00 ******** ********
    9.00 ******** ********
   10.00 ******** ********
-------- Z1 --------
      k1       z1
    1.00   119.37
    2.00   122.16
    3.00   120.75
    4.00   121.61
    5.00   114.19
    6.00   109.81
    7.00   106.19
    8.00   108.10
    9.00   110.78
   10.00   115.90

Note that the bad data flag is -1e+300 and that value prints as stars in this format.

You can display the Z1 Table window in the new format by selecting the Plot command , choosing Z1 for the Name field in the Plot dialog, and selecting the Ok button.