A KBF Study file contains all the information about a filter. You can edit these files directly, but usually you will use KBF to create and modify these files. The information in a Study file is divided into records each of which corresponds to a window. The order of the records is not important.

Beginning Of Record
The first line of each record starts with the word BEGIN followed by the type of the record all in capital letters. The possible record types are:
Start Of Record Description
BEGIN COMMAND The Command Record
BEGIN NOTES The Notes Record
BEGIN TRAN The Transition Record
BEGIN MEAS The Measurement Record
BEGIN SIM The Simulation Record
BEGIN DATA The Data Record
BEGIN PLOT The Plot Record
Window Geometry
The second line of each record contains four integer values that specify the geometry of the corresponding window. (If this is a Plot record, the third line also contains a geometry. This geometry is for the Table window that corresponds to the plot.)

Icon Status
Except for Plot records, the third line of each record contains either the letter T for true or the letter F for false. If it is T, the window is initially displayed as an icon. Otherwise the window is initially displayed in normal mode. In the case of Plot records, the fourth line contains two letters that are either T or F and correspond to the icon state of the corresponding Plot and Table windows.

The Command Record
The Notes Record
The Measurement Record
The Transition Record
The Simulation Record
The Data Record
The Plot Record