This record corresponds to the Simulation window . The first three lines of the record are its beginning , its geometry , and its icon status . The rest of the Simulation record are the contents of the Simulation window.


If the Simulation record is not present, the Simulation window is loaded with the contents of the file SIM.OMS from the temporary directory . If the Simulation record is present, its contents, except for the first three lines, are copied into the file SIM.OMS.

The following is a picture of the Simulation window for the example in EXAMPLE.KBF .

The corresponding Simulation record is
     BEGIN SIM  
     22 86 509 222
     function sim() begin
          nk        = 10
          amplitude = 10d0
          east      = 50d0 + seq(nk)
          theta     = seq(nk) * 2 * PI / nk
          north     = amplitude * sin(theta)
          deast     = fill(1., nk, 1)
          dnorth    = amplitude * 2 * pi * cos(theta) / nk
          return [east, north, deast, dnorth]