This record corresponds to the Plot window and Table window that have the specified name. The first four lines of the record are its beginning , the corresponding geometries , and icon status . The rest of a Plot record are plotting commands of the form
	field = value
Each plotting command is terminated by an end of line. There is no reason to know the exact formatting of these commands because it is always easier use the Plot dialog to create these records.

Plot Errors
The plotting commands for each plot are stored in the file name.PLT in the temporary directory . This file is created from the corresponding plot record in the study file when it is loaded, or from the Plot dialog when you select the Ok button. If there is an error is detected in this file, a Plot Error dialog is posted. The field in which the error occurs is usually preceded by an equal sign in the error message. The suggested course of action is a follows:
1. select the Plot Command to open the Plot dialog
2. select the Name button and set Name to the offending plot
2. in the Plot Dialog, erase the contents of the field in which the error occurs
3. Enter new values in for the field that was in error
If the field has a button under its name, use the button to change the values of the field instead of editing it directly. This way you will be sure that the field has the proper formatting.

The following is a picture of the Z1 Plot window and Z1 Table windows that result after loading the study EXAMPLE.KBF

The corresponding Plot record is
     0 130 385 270
     385 131 300 268
     T T
There is also a plot record in this example study that defines the State Plot and Table windows:
     BEGIN PLOT State
     0 104 320 209
     320 104 320 209
     T T
     yvar=s2, x2
     ystyle=so, **