This record corresponds to the Measurement window . The first three lines of the record are its beginning , its geometry , and its icon status . The rest of the Measurement record are the contents of the Measurement window.


If the Measurement record is not present, the Measurement window is loaded with the contents of the file MEAS.OMS from the temporary directory . If the Measurement record is present, its contents, except for the first three lines, are copied into the file MEAS.OMS.

The following is a picture of the Measurement window for the example in EXAMPLE.KBF .

The corresponding Measurement record is
     26 3 531 415
     # location of the two shore stations
     local A = {0., -100.}
     local B = {0., +100.}
     function meas(k, xk, hk, dhk, Rk) begin
          # location of the ship
          S = xk(1::2)
          # model for range to stations 1 and 2
          # is the Eculidean distance to the ship
          r1 = |S - A|
          r2 = |S - B|
          hk = {r1, r2}
          # derivative of range model with
          # respect to ship location
          dr1 = (S - A)' / r1
          dr2 = (S - B)' / r2
          # derivative of range model with respect
          # to the state vector xk (note derivative
          # with respect to speed is zero)
          dhk = {[dr1, 0, 0], [dr2, 0, 0]}
          # variance of measurement noise
          Rk = diag({4d0, 4d0})