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Data Directory
The directory \KBF\DATA is used to store your KBF study files.

Data File
The name of the Data file appears below the text DATA VALUES in the Data window.


Selecting the file \KBF\DEBUG.OMS, will run the KBF program in debugging mode. This is useful if you want access to O-Matrix toolbar and other O-Matrix commands while you are running KBF.

Diagonal Matrix
If b is a vector of length n, the corresponding diagonal matrix B is defined by
	       / b    if i == j
	      /   i
	B   =   
	 i,j  \
	       \ 0    otherwise


You can use the Load command to load the example study file \KBF\DATA\EXAMPLE.KBF. This study determines the position of a ship using range measurements to two shore stations. Many of the sections of this help file contain a discussion of how they pertain to this particular example. The Example section contains a detailed description of this example.

Install Directory
We use \KBF to denote the directory that the KBF program was installed in. If it was installed in a different directory on your machine, you will have to substitute that directory for \KBF throughout this manual.


Selecting the file \KBF\KBF.OMS, or selecting the corresponding icon in the O-Matrix program group, will run the KBF program in normal mode.

Library Directory
The directory \KBF\LIB contains some general purpose utilities that are not part of the normal O-Matrix distribution.

O-Matrix Function
An O-Matrix function is a computer procedure written in the O-Matrix language. You can bring up a dialog that searches the O-Matrix documentation by selecting Help | Contents and Help | Search item from the O-Matrix menu bar. If you then enter the word user, select User-Defined Functions, and then select the Display button, the contents page for the User-Defined Functions section of the O-Matrix documentation will be displayed in your browser. If in the search dialog, you enter the word tutorial and select the corresponding topic, a tutorial for learning O-Matrix will be displayed.

Positive Definite
A square symmetric matrix W is positive definite if for every non-zero column vector u with the same number of rows as W
      u W u > 0
Note that we include the matrix being symmetric in our definition of positive definite; i.e.,
	W(i, j) = W(j, i)

Source Directory
The directory \KBF\SRC contains the O-Matrix source code that is specific to the KBF program.

Temporary Directory
The directory \KBF\DATA\TMP is used to store temporary files and the contents of individual windows. It is also used to store a copy of the data values.

Window Geometry
The geometry of window is a four element integer row vector that specifies its position and size in pixels when it displayed in normal mode (not as an icon or full screen). The first and second elements specify the distance left and down of the upper left corner of the window from the upper left corner of the main O-Matrix window. The third and fourth elements specify the width and height of the window.

Window Line Number
If the cursor is in a window you can edit, the currently selected line number is displayed in the right hand section of the status bar at the bottom of the main O-Matrix window. If you place the cursor at a line and press the left mouse button, the line number will correspond to the current cursor position.