This record corresponds to the Command window . The first three lines of the record are its beginning , its geometry , and its icon status . The following is a picture of the Command window:

Starting with the fourth line, each line of the Command record specifies a value that is initialized or a command that is automatically executed when the file is loaded. If a value is present, it must follow directly after the command that is above it in the table. The commands can occur in any order and need not be present in the file.
Line Contents Description
FIT Execute a Fit command
M An integer specifying the Number of iterations for Fitting
SIM Execute Simulation command
FORMAT Set the format for output in tables
Output Format A valid O-Matrix format for double-precision values
TABLE Set the file name where tables are stored
Table File The file name where tables are stored
Number of Iterations
If the number of iterations, M, is zero, the extended filter is used for the fit. If the number of interactions is one, the affine smoother is used. If the number of iterations is greater than one, the iterated smoother is used.

The filter in EXAMPLE.KBF determines the position of a ship on the ocean given range measurements to two shore stations. The Command record for this example is
     0 0 281 92